MaaS enables automated discovery and detailed assessment of your applications to optimize for Oracle Cloud, model the costs for various business scenarios, and then seamlessly migrate according to your chosen plan.

Benefits of migrating to Oracle Cloud using MaaS

  • Rapid assessment of your applications’ Cloud compatibility

  • Cost projection of application resources in Oracle Cloud

  • Better Cloud VM flavor recommendations

  • Cloud deployment optimization using smart re-architecting advisories

  • Seamless migration to Oracle Cloud

Migrating Applications to Oracle Cloud (OCI) using MaaS

Migrating your applications from On-premises or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic (OCI-C) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) lets you enjoy the wide range of latest features offered.

To get started with the OCI migration, application resources available in the on-premises or OCI-C infrastructure need to be discovered and all the servers related to each application had to be mapped. On achieving this, Cloud readiness of the application resources had to be assessed for OCI migration. These steps are essential in identifying the distribution of applications and their workload components and assessing the feasibility of OCI migration. To make intelligent business decisions for Cloud migration, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of applications in OCI needs to be estimated and compared across different deployment scenarios.
MaaS (Migration as a Service) – a unique SaaS offering from Corent Technology – rapidly discovers possible application move groups available in the on-premises or OCI-C environment and enables you to strategically plan and migrate the applications based on business criticality and Gartner’s R-Lane (6R) strategy.

Oracle Cloud Migration Overview:

How MaaS (Migration as a Service) Works

MaaS provides multiple options to scan your applications in on-premises or OCI-C. It traces the application connectivity across the networks and provides a connected graph of all the linked servers. Servers can be grouped based on requirements to perform complete cost modeling, check for its Cloud feasibility using multiple what-if scenarios and generate analysis reports.
The generated report helps you in taking key decisions of various factors such as best practices, security compliance, and PaaS to plan the OCI migration effectively. Automatic Cloud migration plan creation enables you to move to the execution stage and migrate swiftly. After Cloud migration, the file system and database can be synchronized between source and migrated servers using Corent’s zero-point sync to enable pre-cutover testing and low- to no-cutover downtime for applications.
MaaS provides you the optional capability to continuously monitor, manage, and optimize your applications in Oracle Cloud post migration.

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