MaaS analyzed the mojoPortal application, identified its workloads suitable for modernization, and performed migration to Microsoft Azure DBaaS and App Service seamlessly within hours.

Architecture Diagram:

Customer’s datacenters had 733 servers running on 3 secured locations across the UK. Servers include a mix of both physical and virtual servers. Customer’s datacenter were analyzed for Microsoft Azure migration using 3 Vanguard Scanners.


  • Rapid Cloud migration through automation.

  • Re-architecting to modern Cloud PaaS and Serverless technologies.

  • Zero data loss and downtime during migration.

  • Highly available application setup on Cloud.

  • Cost savings through application modernization.

Content Management System

Modernization to PaaS Services on Microsoft Azure

mojoPortal, a leading open-source content management system (CMS), has been powering websites, from simple blogs to complex portals and large enterprise websites. There has been a great interest among its users to host mojoPortal on Cloud to leverage advanced Cloud services for scalability.



  • Identifying the workload components of the application and its dependent resources for modernization.
  • Application had to be migrated from on-premises servers to PaaS services on Cloud without source code changes.
  • Application architecture needs to be optimized for both performance & cost.
  • After migrating to PaaS services, the application must be configured to make it up and running on Cloud.

Under Corent’s OpenSaaS initiative, several open-source applications were converted into SaaS. Some of the applications were selected for modernization and mojoPortal was selected, assessed, and modernized.


  • MaaS Scanner identified the application’s workload components and its associated resources through MaaS Deep Scan.
  • Using MaaS orchestrated modernization migration mechanism, required workload components were migrated to DBaaS services and App Service on Microsoft Azure without affecting the application setup.
  • PaaS services were used on Cloud instead of VMs that resulted in a cost savings of up to 10% and eliminated maintenance costs/efforts.
  • Corent developed automation scripts that configure the application launched using PaaS services and make it operational on Cloud.
  • MaaS migrated all the data available in source servers to PaaS services without any data loss.


Using MaaS, Corent identified suitable App PaaS and DBaaS services available on Microsoft Azure. mojoPortal was migrated successfully to Microsoft Azure with a re-architected deployment model complementing the PaaS services. The successful modernization migration meant that mojoPortal is now available as a highly available setup on Microsoft Azure with modern Cloud technologies, delivering superior solutions to its customers.