Corent delivered an innovative Employee Knowledge Center as a fully instrumented SaaS offering on Microsoft Azure


SurPaaS® on Microsoft Azure
SurPaaS® transforms your software to a SaaS solution by adding tenancy, business, and operations services. Now your application can be delivered as a Service on Azure. You can choose from Virtual, Hybrid to Multi-tenancy and define your own Commercial and Operations Services to fit your business needs.

SaaSification of an Innovative Employee Knowledge Center on Microsoft Azure

MyEKC is an employee engagement and management service (SaaS) for small businesses that can be tailored to the company and to every user. MyEKC's Employee Knowledge Center is used to store, communicate and train all company operations so that every employee knows what to do and how to do it.


  • Need for a fast and affordable route to SaaS.
  • To be achieved without developing own SaaS deployment and management capabilities.
  • Choose a Trusted Cloud platform, meeting end-customer compliance requirements.
  • Implement a “cost effective” operational model with high degree of customer self-service.


  • Faster time-to-market with SaaS on Azure.
  • Different Tenancy models meeting end-customer requirements.
  • No large CAPEX investment.
  • No technology lock-in.
  • Available for existing application and newly developed Cloud applications.


  • MyEKC application was SaaS-Enabled using Multi Tenancy model by SurPaaS®


With the SurPaaS®' advanced SaaSification and SaaS management technologies, MyEKC is now able to offer customers their own private MyEKC application with a custom URL to document, store, and communicate all business operations in one secure location. It was achieved using a cost-effective Multi Tenancy deployment model running on Microsoft Azure, meeting current MyEKC customer demand for easy accessibility, security and compliance. MyEKC assigns, communicates and tracks all employee processes, company policies, job requirements, tasks and more to create engagement and accountability from top-down to bottom-up.

SaaS Deployment Model in 3 Steps - Achievable within Weeks