MaaS helped Sol-Tec in assisting its customer with developing individual Cloud migration plans for each of its 6 datacenters across the UK

Project Overview:

UK-based healthcare customer of Sol-Tec. 835 servers were running on datacenters, split across 6 locations. The customer’s infrastructure had a mix of both virtual and physical servers. 6 Vanguard Scanners were used to assess the servers for Microsoft Azure migration.


  • Cost savings opportunities

  • EOL and containerization advisories

  • Detailed Cloud feasibility reports for each location

  • Comprehensive impact analysis using dependency mapping

Assessment of UK-based Healthcare Company for Microsoft Azure Migration

This NHS customer, a part of the UK's biggest health content sharing portal, wanted to assess their datacenters running across the country for Microsoft Azure migration. They approached Sol-Tec, a Leading UK-based Cloud Services Provider, to help them with the assessment of datacenters. Sol-Tec helps public sector organizations discover new capabilities and cost efficiencies through datacenter migration to Cloud.

Sol-Tec has partnered with Corent Technology to deliver Cloud assessment and migration services to its customers through MaaS. The customer's datacenters were assessed using MaaS by Sol-Tec and detailed reports explaining the Cloud migration feasibilities of each datacenter and its servers were generated and shared with the customer.


  • Customer wanted to analyze their 6 locations separately for migration planning.
  • Had to understand the infrastructure landscape and dependencies between resources for effective migration planning.
  • Needed a migration strategy for 100+ End-of-Life (EOL) Windows servers to Microsoft Azure.
  • Required a cost analysis with savings opportunities available on Cloud in the longer run.


  • Individual Cloud feasibility reports were generated for the 6 different customer locations.
  • MaaS identified the move groups available in the infrastructure based on the dependency mapping and helped define an optimal Cloud migration strategy.
  • Microsoft Azure’s capability to migrate EOL servers with extended support for Windows was recommended.
  • Cost analysis was performed with 3-year reserved instances available on Microsoft Azure for effective budgeting.
  • Recommendations to consolidate the workload components during Microsoft Azure migration were provided for cost savings.


Migration strategy for each customer location was defined individually using MaaS, considering various business needs of the customer.

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