Partner assessed customer’s datacenter and guided them to build a suitable Microsoft Azure migration strategy based on the detailed Cloud assessment reports generated by MaaS.

Project Overview:

Customer's datacenter had 40 servers, a mix of both virtual and physical servers, running on Windows. EPM was performed for 30+ days and the data was used to assess the servers for Microsoft Azure migration.


  • In-Depth Cloud Migration Analysis using our Knowledge-Driven Algorithms.

  • Cloud Flavor Sizing based on Historical Server Utilization Trends.

  • Strategic Migration Planning using Move Group Analysis.

  • Adherence to Existing Security Measures.

Natural Gas Company - Assessment for Microsoft Azure Migration

One of the major partners of Corent in Cloud Assessment and Migration, is a strategic partner and advisor for some of the world’s largest companies, empowering them to take their next step towards environmental action.

A customer of the partner, is the largest LNG terminal in Europe and a key player in the UK energy market. The customer contacted the partner to strategize the Microsoft Azure migration of servers from their datacenter.


  • Servers were running on a secure environment with security/access restrictions implemented.
  • Customer had only the subnet details but did not have the list of server IP addresses.
  • Customer wanted to use performance-optimized Cloud flavors for the VMs on Cloud.
  • Customer wanted to identify the interdependencies among servers for effective migration planning.
MaaS, a complete Cloud assessment & migration platform, was used by the partner to analyze the customer's datacenter and generate detailed Cloud assessment reports.


  • Servers were scanned securely via Vanguard—that is provisioned within the customer environment—for Cloud assessment without affecting the security restrictions.
  • MaaS collected all the IPs available in the provided subnets and identified server IPs that can be used for Cloud assessment while filtering out unwanted IPs (IPs of routers, printers, etc.).
  • Extended Performance Monitoring (EPM) was utilized to track and analyze the performance & utilization of all the servers and suitable Cloud flavors were suggested for the servers based on the data.
  • MaaS performed Strategic Move Group Analysis and predicted a comprehensive Connected Dependency Mapping of servers using the communication ports detected in the servers.


Partner helped customer to analyze the servers in their datacenter and generate easy-to-understand Cloud assessment reports within a short period. Customer was able to gain an in-depth understanding of their datacenter using the MaaS-generated reports and plan their migration to Microsoft Azure with ease.

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