Corent delivered a major ERP application as a fully instrumented SaaS on AWS Cloud.


The application was set up in a single server. It is an application developed in Java and utilizes MySQL database server.


  • Integrated with internal business systems.

  • More predictable expenditure cycle.

  • No engineering cost to move to fully instrumented SaaS.

  • Limited need for technical support and infrastructure.

  • Reduced time to implement.

Rapid SaaSification of a leading ERP application on AWS

Apache OFBiz is an open-source enterprise resource planning system that offers organizations the ability to integrate and automate their business processes.

Apache OFBiz provides various functionalities such as accounting, product/inventory management, project management, human resources management, CMS, work effort management, etc.


  • Converting single-tenant application into multi-tenant application.
  • Need for a fast and affordable route to SaaS.
  • Integration of ancillary applications.
  • Planning and managing the application's lifecycle is a complex task.
  • Maintenance of non-SaaS ERP platform on-premises is expensive.



Using SurPaaS®, within days and without any programming, Apache OFBiz was delivered on AWS Cloud as fully instrumented SaaS. It was able to integrate with existing business modules, significantly increase the performance, productivity, efficiency, and scalability through SaaS.