Corent and its partner helped a customer assess multiple datacenters distributed across countries and submitted a detailed Cloud feasibility reports using MaaS for Microsoft Azure Migration.

Project Overview:

Customer planned to assess the compatibility of 2000+ servers (combination of physical servers and virtual machines, running on Windows, Linux, and Unix) for Microsoft Azure migration. Most of the servers were residing on two datacenters and distributed across two countries; the remainder were running as office servers distributed across customer branches around the globe. These servers were scanned and assessed by MaaS within a week by scaling up the Vanguard Servers to 12. Using MaaS strategic move group and R-lane analysis engine, assessment reports were generated for all the servers with cost modeling, TCO analysis, rightsizing, and advanced PaaS/Container advisories. This helped the customer plan their Microsoft Azure migration in a phased manner.


  • Cloud assessment results within a short time.

  • Customer security standards are upheld.

  • Utilizing available application information.

  • Support for assessing low-configuration servers.

Assessment of Multiple Datacenters for Microsoft Azure Migration using MaaS

A leading oil and gas corporation in Austria wanted to migrate two of their datacenters, running across two countries, to Microsoft Azure. A local System Integration partner in Austria used Corent’s MaaS to assess their datacenters and propose a Strategic Plan to migrate to Cloud within a week. This project was completed on an extremely short schedule, while fulfilling the security and data privacy policies of the customer.

By working closely with Corent’s partner project execution team, our Austrian partner understood the customer's business needs and executed a flawless Cloud feasibility assessment of all the servers using MaaS. The project involved a few specificrequirements, such as adhering to security standards, utilizing already available information, which was complied and integrated with the analysis delivered by MaaS.


  • Servers were running on a private and DMZ environment. Scanning and assessment must follow the customer’s security and data privacy policies.
  • Thousands of servers should be analyzed for Cloud compatibility within a timeframe.
  • The servers in the datacenters were heterogeneous, comprising multiple Operating Systems, some of which were very old and unsupported.
  • Information about the applications that is already available with the customer should be utilized and mapped with the data discovered by MaaS.
  • TCO and Strategy for Cloud adoption with modernization advice was expected to be part of the assessment report.


  • MaaS Private Solution was used to assess the servers in private and DMZ environment.
  • Vanguard scanners were scaled-up to utilize the MaaS capability of performing parallel scan and assessment of multiple datacenters.
  • Existing data were uploaded to complement MaaS and accelerate assessment and Cloud feasibility analysis.
  • Comprehensive reports covering detailed analysis of matching Cloud resources, Cloud optimization, and modernization possibilities, along with their cost breakdown.


Corent helped its partners to build a strong Cloud Assessment and Migration service. It was achieved by the Corent’s ability to provide solutions for every market needs, addressing the privacy and security barriers, and successfully execute customer projects. This project is representative of the success achieved by customers with the help of Corent and its partners.

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