MaaS, the migration and optimization platform for Azure, provides a versatile solution to migrate your Azure resources across various Azure subscriptions and from Azure “ASM” to “ARM”

Highly automated, directly available, and cost-effective in a
“Do it Yourself Scenario”
“Factory Model”

MaaS High-Level Optimization Workflow

Optimizing Azure Subscription Resources

It is not easy to migrate resources from your existing Azure subscription to another Azure subscription or from “ASM” to “ARM” as there are no comprehensive solutions currently available in the market.

For various business reasons, you may want to optimize these resources but the work involved is still challenging and holding you back.

With the new integrated approach by MaaS, these optimization activities are made easy and cost-effective. So gaining attractive Azure price-points and/or ARM capabilities become feasible in your “Quest” for Continuous Optimization on Azure.
The unique integration of the MaaS platform with Azure Site Recovery (ASR), offers you an end-to-end solution for Analyzing and Optimizing any resource on Azure in four steps.

Solution Overview in 4 Steps:

Key Azure Optimization Scenarios Available:

Based on your business needs, you can select a different Azure subscription or a different Azure CSP or an ARM account. Each migration scenario can help you to reap distinct benefits for your business:
  • From ASM Account to ARM Account

  • From One CSP Account to Another CSP Account

  • From a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Subscription to a CSP Account

  • From a CSP Account to a PAYG Subscription

  • From One PAYG Subscription to Another PAYG Subscription

How Optimization for Azure Works

MaaS will scan your Azure account to generate a report with feasible optimization methodologies (ASR and/or MaaS) for all your Azure resources. The scanner has to be placed in a Vanguard machine available in your Azure account.
Based on the Scan outcome, different scenarios can be identified. Execution of these scenarios can be supported by two different optimization routes, based on business requirements and resource capabilities:

MaaS Route:

All the Azure resources which are supported will be grouped together based on storage accounts. All resources in the storage account will be migrated to another Azure subscription with zero downtime. The resources can be configured as desired after the completion of migration.

MaaS ASR Route:

Based on the generated report, all VM-level resources will be migrated to another Azure subscription with near-zero downtime. Resources need to be configured and set up as guided, before and after the migration process is initiated. VM-level data will be synchronized to ensure that the resources are migrated with near-zero downtime. Synchronization can be done as part of the cutover after the completion of migration.

Offering and Pricing of the Azure Subscription Optimization

For new customers, we offer these optimization functionalities on a “Do it yourself Basis” or if you want us to do it on a full service “Factory Basis ”.

Pricing Table (ASR licenses included):

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