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"RFC assessed a hybrid datacenter within a short time and helped Magasin Général to formulate a strategic migration plan for Microsoft Azure Stack using MaaS"

Project Overview:

Customer’s environment had multiple servers with a mix of Windows and Linux servers on a hybrid private datacenter – virtual and physical servers. The environment was scanned and assessed for Microsoft Azure Stack feasibility using Corent Migration Factory, an exclusive factory model service for high-volume rapid migration with tremendous success rates.

Assessment of a Hybrid Datacenter for Microsoft Azure Stack Migration

RFC, a major partner of Corent in Cloud Assessment and Migration, is a leading consulting and integration specialist for IT infrastructure solutions and offers maximum value additions to customers through assistance, training and consultancy services in advanced infrastructure technologies.

Magasin Général, a 100-year old company of Bayahi Group, is a leading chain of supermarkets in Tunisia and one among the Top 20 in the African continent. They approached RFC to plan for the migration of their hybrid datacenter to Xpress Azure, their own hyper-converged infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure Stack. RFC made use of Corent's MaaS, a complete Cloud assessment and migration platform, to cater to their customer’s needs.


  • Servers using non-English languages (French) must be assessed.
  • Migration strategies for servers with UEFI boot mode, which is unsupported on Microsoft Azure Stack, need to be identified.
  • Some of the servers to be migrated had End-of-Life (EOL) operating systems.
  • Customer had 2 different Microsoft Azure Stack environments – with different cost and configurations.
  • Dependency mapping of servers to be identified for migration planning.


  • French language servers were assessed by MaaS using its capability to extend support for servers with non-English languages.
  • Applications and workloads available on servers with UEFI boot mode were recommended to migrate to Microsoft Azure Stack using Smart Migration.
  • Advisories were provided for EOL operating systems to re-platform using MaaS and migrate to the latest operating systems.
  • A detailed evaluation and comparison of migration feasibilities among the two Microsoft Azure Stack environments for the servers were performed using MaaS capability to configure multiple Microsoft Azure Stack environments with its cost and configurations.
  • Dependency mapping for all the servers were provided by MaaS by identifying the detailed communication between the servers.


  • End-of-Life advisories for Operating systems.
  • Identification of suitable migration options ranging from lift & shift to modernization.
  • Dependency mapping among servers.
  • Cost analysis and comparison across Clouds.
  • Ease of migration planning using Corent Migration Factory model.


RFC assisted Magasin Général to analyze the servers running on a hybrid datacenter for its migration feasibility across two of their Microsoft Azure Stack environments. A detailed Cloud assessment report was generated to help Magasin Général in developing a comprehensive migration plan for their servers.

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