Corent delivered a leading CRM application as a fully instrumented SaaS in different tenancy models on AWS Cloud.


The application was set up in a single server. It is an application developed in PHP and utilizes MySQL database server.


  • Increased shareability of resources.

  • Ability to handle increased customer requests.

  • No engineering cost to move to fully instrumented SaaS.

  • Single-point management for all enterprise tenants.

  • Avoid large CAPEX investment.

Rapid SaaSification of a leading CRM application on AWS

SugarCRM is one of the popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems and it provides many functionalities including sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, collaboration, reporting, etc.

SugarCRM offers customer management teams the ability to manage and view customer information, drive sales leads, and increase collaboration within the team.


  • Converting single-tenant application into multi-tenant application.
  • Required the ability to manage multiple tenants.
  • Managing the application versions and upgrades.
  • Planning and managing the application’s lifecycle.
  • Monitoring the application usage of multiple tenants.
  • Providing access to all the CRM users to a single common CRM environment/platform.
  • Reducing the number of application deployments but providing access to all the users around the Globe.



Using SurPaaS®, within days and without any programming, SugarCRM was delivered on AWS Cloud as fully instrumented SaaS. It was able to provide a single CRM platform globally and significantly reduce the cost of multiple deployments and new customer acquisition.