MaaS, an innovative Cloud migration platform, migrates SQL Server but also migrates its data securely to Microsoft Azure and helps to extend its life or modernize it to the latest version/PaaS service.

Benefits of Migrating using MaaS:

  • Extended security updates support for additional 3 years from Microsoft

  • Leveraging the latest features available in SQL Server

  • Hassle-free PaaS migration

  • Minimal or No code changes required in the application

  • Zero-point synchronization to avoid data loss

  • Savings in cost and time

Migrate SQL Server 2008 to Microsoft Azure and Upgrade to Latest Version using MaaS

Microsoft has announced End-of-Life (EOL) support for SQL Server 2008. Migrating the SQL Server and its data is important for Enterprises to ensure the Business Continuity of their operations.

Now you can seamlessly migrate the SQL Server 2008 from on-premises to Microsoft Azure using Corent’s MaaS which extends the life of SQL Server 2008 by another 3 years. Also, you can migrate to the latest version of SQL Server or re-platform it into a PaaS service available on Microsoft Azure using MaaS

How MaaS (Migration as a Service) Helps:

MaaS helps you perform a rapid assessment of SQL Server 2008 (or any later versions) along with its associated applications/servers and provides relevant migration advisories to migrate them to Microsoft Azure. Based on these advisories, re-host your SQL Server and its associated applications as-is to Microsoft Azure using Corent’s MaaS Lift and Shift Capabilities. The same can be accomplished for Windows Server 20081 as well. With this, the existing licenses of these Microsoft Resources can be used to run in Microsoft Azure and save cost.

MaaS Solution for Migrating SQL Server to Microsoft Azure

  • Alternatively, MaaS Smart Shift Migration helps you to re-architect and migrate your SQL Server 2008 to the latest available SQL Server version on Microsoft Azure

  • MaaS also has the extended capability to re-platform your SQL Server to Azure SQL Database PaaS service available on Microsoft Azure. It also helps you cut down the effort and cost of ongoing operations and maintenance of SQL Server

  • In addition, MaaS guarantees that it not only migrates SQL Server, but also migrates its data securely to Microsoft Azure

* 2008 version referred includes 2008 R2 version as well (for both SQL Server and Windows Server)
1 Lift and Shift Migration of Windows Server 2008 requires Service Pack 2 to be installed

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