MaaS Private Solution, an innovative Cloud migration platform designed specifically for private environments, facilitates rapid, repeatable, and reliable migration of your application/infrastructure servers to any Private/Public Cloud.

MaaS Private Solution Features:

  • Secure scanning and data migration

  • Scanning and building the workload map of your application to its finest details

  • Infrastructure analysis and summary

  • Objective-based analysis

  • Dynamic Cloudability reports which explain Business and Operations feasibilities

  • Advisory reports for Security & Compli-ances, PaaS Services, OS, and so on

  • Cost modeling for Cloud Migration

  • Multiple smart re-architecting suggestions for your Cloud deployment

Migrating Applications from Your Private Environment using MaaS

Application/infrastructure servers from secure domains such as Banking, Government, Defense, and Insurance are predominantly operated in a private environment to ensure the security of confidential information and to avoid security breaches. Also, the application/infrastructure servers running on private Clouds such as Azure Stack, VMware, etc., would follow similar security measures. Data security is very important and has to be considered while migrating servers from a secure private environment to Cloud.

It requires a specific Cloud migration tool that does not compromise on the security measures and compliances. SurPaaS® MaaS™ Private Solution provides an effective and viable solution for migrating an application/infrastructure server that operates in a secure environment.
MaaS Private Solution is a fully functional Cloud analysis and migration platform specifically designed for migrating application/infrastructure servers from private environments. It offers all the features provided by the complete version of MaaS.

MaaS Private Solution Workflow for Private Environment

MaaS Private Solution has to be installed in one of the servers in the private environment. It operates independently to ensure the safety of your data.
You can also customize the SurPaaS® Knowledgebase with configurations available in your private Cloud and can use it during analysis for generating reports and recommendations with respect to your private Cloud configurations.

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