Business Challenges:

  • Difficult and time-consuming to integrate new tools and services with CSP’s existing systems

  • CSPs have to set up the migration capability for their customers as quickly as possible

  • Need to know about various Cloud offerings, as well as present cost-performance analyses to their customers

  • Need to invest money and additional resources to acquire the relevant technical expertise needed for Cloud migration

“Migration as a Service” for Cloud Service Providers

Increase your Cloud adoption with “Migration as a Service” bundled with your Cloud solutions.

Include “Migration as a Service” in your Cloud services portfolio to support your customers with optimizing and migrating their applications to your Cloud seamlessly. Add Cloud migration service as your additional revenue stream and showcase your versatility in Cloud computing to your customers.


  • MaaS increases the speed of customer acquisition with its rapid provisioning capability

  • Integrated platform with Cloud Migration tools delivered as a Service

  • Utilize MaaS' superior domain knowledge and best Cloud migration strategies

  • Create your own machine learning system with MaaS’ capability to learn from every Cloud migration.

  • Leverage Corent's business, technical, and support network to rapidly bring your Cloud migration service online

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