Integrate “Migration as a Service” Capability into Your Cloud Practice.

Business Challenges:

  • SIs are expected to analyze hundreds of applications, recommend, or even decide which Cloud vendors and services to use

  • SIs need to invest effort and money in technical resources for setting up a new service

  • SIs need to keep up with the ever-changing customers' demands and ensure not to lose customers to competitors

  • SIs need to offer new services that help customers overcome challenges to be regarded as trustworthy experts

  • Challenging to design an effective marketing strategy with tool vendors and Cloud providers

“Migration as a Service” for System Integrators

Incorporate “Migration as a Service” into your repertoire and target new business opportunities.

White-label “Migration as a Service” platform and deliver it as your own Cloud migration service to your customers. Add a new revenue stream to your business and venture into the Cloud migration services using MaaS.


  • Provisions MaaS setup within minutes and makes it ready for your customers' use instantly

  • Zero technical cost for providing MaaS service to your customers with our technical resources to help you 24/7

  • Helps SIs to understand all workloads on Customer premises and provide deterministic and credible Cloud migration advisory

  • Empower your customers to perform a comprehensive Cloud services comparison for their applications on Cloud

  • Creates a new revenue stream that helps you acquire new customers and retain existing customers

  • We provide the required technical and marketing resources and SIs can do joint marketing with us

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