Partner used Corent's MaaS for scanning and assessing the customer’s datacenter for Amazon Cloud migration feasibility and generated reports to help them develop a strategic Cloud migration plan.

Project Overview:

The customer's environment had one datacenter, comprising 350-odd Linux servers. The complete environment spread over one region was scanned and analyzed using two Vanguard servers to generate feasibility reports for a single Cloud.


  • Agentless scanning reduces risk factor.

  • MaaS checks for feasibility across Cloud providersin a single analysis.

  • Agentless scan helped with mapping the inter-server dependencies.

  • MaaS generates TCO report based on the environment's analysis.

Telecom Industry

Assessment for Migration to Amazon Cloud

The customer is a Spanish multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Madrid. It is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. The customer approached one of Corent's partners, seeking migration advisories. The partner carried out a comprehensive scan of the customer’s environment and generated detailed reports to help the latter plan its migration journey.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment services to its customer. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenters using MaaS and generated detailed reports. The reports on migration feasibilities for the datacenters and their servers were shared with the customer.


  • Carrying out an agentless scan on the IP addresses shared by the customer.
  • Scanning an eclectic mix of physical and on-premises servers.
  • Identifying the dependency between servers.
  • Analyzing the data and determining the feasibility for migration to the Amazon Cloud.
  • Ensuring no agent or scanner residue was left after the scan.


  • Partner used the agentless scan approach to scan the shared IP addresses and derive complete data from the servers.
  • MaaS' possesses the inherent ability to scan both physical and on-premises servers.
  • MaaS retrieved the communication ports along with process ID and location, based on which dependency between the servers is ascertained.
  • MaaS generated insightful, actionable migration feasibility reports for Amazon Cloud, based on which the customer planned their migration journey
  • By not using an agent, MaaS ensured no residue was left post the infrastructure-level assessment as closing the scanner console started an automatic clean up.


By using MaaS, the partner helped the customer to analyze their datacenter and formulate an optimum strategy for Amazon Cloud migration.

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