MaaS analyzed the datacenters of both the customers and generated Cloud feasibility reports providing insightful analytics about the servers for migration

Project Overview:

Datacenters of 2 customers, with a total of 329 servers (74 for beverage manufacturer and 255 for IT services provider) running on-premises, were assessed for AWS migration. The servers had a mix of both Windows Server and Linux operating systems.


  • Secure scanning and assessment with Vanguard-based approach

  • Comprehensive reports including operational and business considerations

  • TCO estimation for required Cloud resources

  • Identification of PaaS services available on AWS for supported workloads

Assessment of US Datacenters for AWS Migration using MaaS

Couple of US customers, a leading beverage manufacturer and a leading IT services provider, reached out to our partner for assessing their datacenters for AWS Migration. Corent’s partner, a digital transformation and technology services provider, is known for their strong drive to meet client needs with determination and grit.

This drive pushed them to find an innovative solution for their customers’ datacenter assessment. The partner used Corent’s MaaS, an innovative Cloud Assessment and Migration platform, as a tool to satisfy their customers’ every need during Cloud journey.


  • Connecting to servers from a remote location and performing scanning to identify details such as IP, operating systems of the servers
  • Coordinating with the IT teams to comply with the internal security standards set by customers
  • Assessing the datacenters to strategize a migration plan and to identify suitable PaaS services for compatible servers
  • Identifying the dependency among all the servers available in the datacenters for better migration planning


  • Servers available in the datacenters were assessed using MaaS’ Agentless Scanning method within a short period
  • Communication links between the servers were charted out clearly by MaaS using Dependency Mapping capability
  • Servers were categorized and grouped for migration by analyzing the complexity and criticality using R-lane strategy
  • Suitable PaaS services, available in AWS, were identified by MaaS for servers based on the workloads running on those servers


Both the customers received their detailed Cloud assessment reports covering in-depth analysis of all their servers, which facilitated their decision making on AWS migration. Our partner’s collaboration with the customers was instrumental in successful Cloud migration. Corent’s MaaS assisted the partner in achieving this with a detailed analysis of IT assets related to the customers’ datacenter.

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