Using MaaS, Xelleration evaluated their customer’s datacenter within a short time and migrated large servers to AWS with minimal planning and effort

Project Overview:

Customer wanted to migrate 3 servers from their on-premises datacenter, which were running on Windows 2016, to AWS. These servers were scanned, assessed, and migrated within a day. The servers were migrated to AWS through Corent Migration Factory, an exclusive factory model service for high-volume rapid migration with tremendous success rates.


  • Near-zero downtime with respect to production readiness

  • Secure migration with no data loss

  • Informed decision making

  • Customized Cloud migration strategy based on specific needs

Migrating Large Servers to AWS using MaaS

Xelleration, a well-established partner of Corent in Cloud Assessment and Migration, is a technology consulting and services firm which helps orga-nizations excel by thoughtfully applying progressive technology solutions.

One of their customers, a US-based petroleum company, wanted to migrate their datacenter to AWS. Xelleration utilized Corent’s MaaS, a reliable Cloud assessment and migration solution provider, to help their customer achieve this objective.


  • Servers of huge size (including data, applications/workload components) had to be migrated within off-business hours
  • Servers had multiple applications running and the servers should be migrated without affecting the applications
  • Need to check if these servers have connections with any other servers in the datacenter and to identify if the migration will affect their functioning
  • Need to identify suitable Cloud flavors, which are cost-effective as well, for the servers


  • Migrated all the servers as-is using Shadow Shift with near-zero downtime
  • Migrated to preferred Cloud region and Cloud resources in AWS
  • Servers were migrated to AWS along with applications running and only the configuration changes (e.g., IP configurations for applications, licensing, Windows configurations) occurred after migration had to be configured for these applications for proper functioning and making them live
  • During assessment, MaaS identified 15 IPs that were connected with these scanned servers. Customer examined and took necessary actions to avert any dependency conflicts
  • MaaS suggested right-sized Cloud flavors, along with its reserved instance costs, based on cost modeling performed for the servers


Xelleration helped their customer to analyze the servers in their datacenter and generate easy-to-use Cloud assessment reports within a short period. Customer was able to develop an in-depth understanding of their datacenter using the reports and complete their migration to AWS through MaaS.