SaaS solutions with single and multi tenant architecture

Transform your app into fully instrumented SaaS, in days, without re-engineering

Transform your app into fully instrumented SaaS, in days, without re-engineering

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Save significant re-engineering cost as your transform and deliver your applications as a Service

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Your application once SaaSified behaves the same but delivers much more

SaaS Solution with Application Metering and Monitoring

Corent's SurPaaS® Transform transforms web applications to elastic SaaS rapidly. You can operate and manage all your SaaS business applications, from the datacenter to the cloud, including Multi-Tenant, hosted and virtualized environments, from a single platform.

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Path to SaaS

SurPaaS® Transform automatically scans and transforms your software by adding tenancy, Business services and Operations services to deliver and sustain your SaaS offering. Now you application, within days, can be delivered as a Service on any Cloud for you access global customers. You can choose from a continuum of tenancy model option from virtual, Hybrid to Multi-tenancy. Define your own Commercial and Operations Services to fit to your business needs.

SaaS Virtual and Multi Tenancy Architecture
SaaS Solutions Architecture on Cloud

Improved, but still you

SurPaaS® Transform instruments your Software and creates a SaaSified software giving you instant Cloudability with the elasticity to scale to your customer service demands. Deploy your SaaS application on any Cloud. The behavior of your software remains the same and SurPaaS® manages the data isolation between tenants. You can now deliver your application as SaaS as a single cluster or as multiple clusters operating from multiple clouds. Manage versions, backup and scale your software through SurPaaS® you can also perform selective upgrade for your tenants.

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