Service and System Integrators

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Services and System Integrators

SurPaaS® enables software vendors to rapidly transform software to SaaS in days, without any programming. It facilitates the vendors by providing complete SaaS enablement, including SaaS Tenancy, Operations, and Commercial management.

Ahead of the curve, SurPaaS® has proved to be rapid and accurate in transforming software with its infrastructure consistency to the Cloud with comparatively less cost, minimal effort, and affirming security. Corent has grappled with the traditional security challenges and have paved a way for secured data exchange creating a comprehensive information scheme.

SurPaaS® orchestrates integrating applications to Cloud by providing:
  • API integration for external tools and services
  • Reporting and external BI integration
  • Multiple billing tool integration
  • Multiple Cloud integration
Cloud service jBilling CEO
Corent's ability to rapidly plug their Multi-Tenant Server into our application was quite impressive!
Emiliano Conde

CEO, jBilling