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Continuous Innovations
Corent invests heavily on innovating new technologies and developing intellectual property for making your Cloud journey easier and better. We pioneered in developing leading-edge technologies which solves current and future Cloud-related problems in the industry and helps you utilize new-age Cloud services. We are committed to our customers in continuously innovating new solutions for the real-time problems they face during their entire Cloud Journey.
Zero-Point Synchronization

After migrating your applications to Cloud, you need a seamless mechanism to synchronize application data and resources from your environment to Cloud. If this mechanism is integrated with the Cloud migration process, it solves the major obstacle before cutover. MaaS provides you just this capability with its Zero Point Sync feature.

Dynamic Smart Scanner

Gather maximum information about your Data Center using the industry's most advanced Agentless Scanning technique, in MaaS. Scanner, with its advanced correlation engine, presents smart deductions for your application environment. Visualize the connectivity among all your application workloads and match these resources with those on the Cloud to help you with TCO and Cloud selection decisions.

Automated Smart Cloud Migration

Migrating the Data Center resources as-is to Cloud might not help you leverage maximum advantage of Cloud capabilities. Smart Shift opens a wide range of possibilities enabling you to map your application onto more optimized architectures. Imagine your application workloads on latest topologies and redistributed into a variety of structures for improved performance.

To PaaS in Minutes

Utilize the Platform Services offered by Cloud for multiple workloads to transform your application into a scalable one and extremely reliable at the same time. MaaS detects your application workloads and suggests corresponding PaaS Service on Cloud. Map and replace required application workloads with relevant PaaS services while migrating your application to Cloud through a single integrated process using PaaS Shift mode.

Auto Containerization

MaaS detects and advises which application workloads can be encapsulated into containers. Containerize your application workloads and move them to Cloud in single step using Container Shift mode, which isolates your application without changing the application’s runtime environment. Also synchronize your data in a secure manner after transformation, while ensuring no data loss.

Trend Interpolation of Cloud Resources

There’s a lot you can do if you effectively use your Cloud monitoring data. Derive insights using ComPaaS' Trend Interpolation Engine about how to closely follow the performance and utilization trends of your resources, in time, to cut down cost. Extrapolate the data to create patterns for improving future performance of your application through better architecture modernization

Instant Application DNA

Discover the components and interfaces in your application so that taking strategic decisions to make your application Cloud ready, optimized, or modernized becomes very easy. Identifying this DNA of your application is not a trivial task. It requires dynamic and static application analysis and correlating data gathered from multiple sources and protocols. Generate the exact DNA map of your application in a very short time using MaaS' Application Analysis Engine.

Business-Defined Strategy Mapping

Create an intelligent migration strategy blueprint during your data center assessment with the help of Strategy Analysis Engine embedded within MaaS. Create accurate data center migration plan leveraging our innovative Move Group Analysis combined with the R-Lane framework to identify the complexity and criticality of your application. Now your Cloud Architects can create not only a dependency map of your data center resources but also a detailed and comprehensive strategy map.

Versatile Cost Modelling Engine

Assessing the TCO of your Cloud migration can be complicated and tricky. Accomplish this using MaaS' in-built Cost Modelling Engine, which dynamically synchronizes with the latest published Cloud catalogs. Model the cost of your Cloud resources which accurately matches your data center resources along with additional cost of required services for the entire migration.

Adaptive Learning System

Make migration decisions based on smart recognition of workloads and adaptable rules to provide relevant migration advisories for your application. Utilize MaaS' Learning Engine which adapts and assimilates information collected during scanning and refines them to create rules to present better Cloud and infrastructure advisories.

Multi-Tenant Server

Wondering how to transform and operate your application as SaaS? We have helped customers in transforming a lot of applications that do not have tenancy built within them to operate as SaaS. Embed tenancy from a ComPaaS of tenancy models using Corent’s Multi-Tenant Server (MTS) based on what components of your applications can be shared vs. not shared. Plug in tenancy into your application without any code change to the original application by sharing your application components using MTS.

Software-Defined SaaS

Businesses are evolving their application to "Software as a Service" for global reach. Sometimes, the right thing to do may just be as easy as one thinks. Find a faster route to SaaS, taking your applications through SaaSOps using our patented technology, with simple definitions to create tenancy, operational and commercial services to make your application a fully instrumented SaaS. This can be done at a fraction of the cost and in a matter of few days.

SaaS Link

Corent offers SaaS operations services, commercial services, SaaS application lifecycle management, and data stream metering, all through APIs for easily integrating with your software applications. With this, you can build a complete SaaS offering with your existing software applications and immediately deliver them as SaaS. You can extend SaaS Link to provide additional features and capabilities in your application.

SaaS Metering Engine

Corent’s patented SaaSOps Meter, a technology that enables software applications deployed anywhere be metered to realize commercial value. You can very quickly pull data from different applications deployed on-premises or on Cloud or as tenants, and perform usage-based metering with just few clicks. This powerful engine connects with the entire suite of commercial services including subscription management and analytics offered by Corent on ComPaaS. This helps customers develop new business models and revenue streams for their existing software applications.


Vanguard is a secure beachhead scanning and assessment agent installed on a server within a customer's data center. This can assess multiple networks and data centers within a few hours. This is available as installed software or as an appliance. MaaS Vanguard Appliance accelerates your Cloud Assessment and Migration readiness in a secure way and cuts down your time/effort with its simple and easy-to-setup mechanism. You can scale multiple Vanguards to scan extremely large number of servers in different locations.

XD Cross-Dimensional Visualization

We all wonder what's on Cloud. Some of us may imagine what’s there through a set of dashboards with meters, dials and graphs. Now you can navigate through the Cloud with the most modern XD Cross-Dimensional Visualization technology offered in the SurPaaS platform. With XD, look through the layers of your Cloud Infrastructure, find all your applications and resources, identify the problem areas, and find better solutions.


Democratize service delivery of software. You can deliver anything as a service. Commercialize any software deployed in any form. The SaaSification technology in ComPaaS offers multiple mechanisms to embed your application service offering through SaaS Link and deliver it as a commercial SaaS. It is a flexible platform to choose commercial operations or tenancy services, in which you can choose specific features, less or more, depending on your needs. As your service offering matures, you can add additional services to deliver a full-fledged SaaS. It does not matter, if you already have a multi-tenant application or one without it. Even, on-prem deployed applications can be commercialized as xaaS