Corent Tech offers a great migration tool platform that can easily help us to migrate user's workload smoothly to our cloud platform. It's a hassle-free solution! 
    Fabrian Setiadi
Business Solution Manager


  Corent is oxygen to ISVs with on-premise software
    Mike Culver


  We are pleased to work closely with Corent to accelerate the smart migration of software applications to Azure.  
    Venkat Gattamneni
Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure


  Corent Technology, one of our best IBM cloud partners, has a solution to quickly transform single-tenant software applications into multi-tenant SaaS solutions without rewriting the existing application.  
    Mike Riegel
Vice President, ISVs and Developer Relations


  Corent's Multi-Tenant Server is among the leading solutions in the SaaS enablement software space, and would be a great asset for customers looking to deploy SaaS solutions faster.  
    Mughees Minhas
Vice President, Product Management


  Corent took our extremely large and complex enterprise application and had it running as a fully SaaS/Muli-Tenant solution in a few weeks without changing a single line of code. Corent’s solution is an astonishing achievement.  
    Robert J. Stanley
PAREXEL Informatics, Inc.


  Corent's Multi-Tenant Server™ is a robust and powerful alternative to re-writing your application.  
    Gunal Kanna
Vice President, ASG Software Solutions


  Brilliant approach to quickly achieving the benefits of Multi-Tenancy!  
    Michael Gionfriddo


  Corent's middleware has dramatically reduced our effort to migrate into a SaaS offering, enabling us to scale our company while leveraging best-of-breed technology.  
    Chris Kirschke
Co-Founder & CEO


  Corent's ability to rapidly plug their Multi-Tenant Server™ into our application was quite impressive!  
    Emiliano Conde


  Corent provided everything we needed to jump into the SaaS business with our app!  
    Paul Parsons
Founder and CTO


  Corent is the enabling technology behind our SaaS business.  
    Alan Evans


  Corent’s Multi-Tenant Server™ is rapidly emerging as the de-facto reference architecture for companies transitioning to SaaS.  
    Milind Khirwadkar
AVP, Cloud Services


  A very attractive alternative to re-architecting our application for efficient SaaS delivery.  
    Tapan A.
Head of Core Banking Platform


  The 'Best Practice' for achieving Multi-Tenancy.  
    Minh Hong Tran
Director, Cloud Computing Centre of Excellence


  Corent is at the core of our Clinical Management application, enabling us to provide an efficient and secure healthcare SaaS solution.  
    Rommel Badua


  Corent made Liferay 'SaaS-ready' in less than 2 weeks!  
    Peter Yang