Analyze and Migrate your application from Windows Server 2003 to the cloud with just a few clicks.

Migration is Easier than you think

Get to know your application(s) portfolio for cloud migration with Corent's SurPaaS® Analyzer:
Application Analysis

Application Analysis

Analyze your applications to be migrated from Windows 2003 Servers.

Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights

Get insights on your application migration strategies with cloud costs and deployment options.

Cloud enabled

Enable Migration

Get your application cloud-enabled with just a few clicks.

SurPaaS® Analyzer

An application consists of multiple workloads, which are the essential building blocks of your application. SurPaaS® Analyzer scans and builds the workload map of your application to its finest details, and generates reports for an easy Windows Server migration.

Also, remove the element of surprise by modelling all the factors related to cloud costs and operation planning before cloud migration, so you can plan your migration strategy efficiently.

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Cloud migration assessment

What Else?

SaaS dashboard
  • Cloud deployment

    Cloud deployment architecture planning

    Moving applications from On-premises servers to Cloud virtual machines opens up new possibilities to re-architect your application deployment.

  • App assessment

    Rapid App assessment for Cloudability or SaaSability

    Get the complete DNA of your application and take better decisions for Cloud or SaaS enablement.

  • Cloud cost

    Cost Modelling before Cloud Migration

    Forecast all your cloud migration expenses well ahead of your migration.