Rearchitect your applications

Rearchitect Your Application to Match Reference Architecture

Evaluate your application architecture against the reference architecture defined as per industry standards. Adapt your application to any of those suitable reference architectures using ComPaaS in a hassle-free manner

Adopt Latest Cloud Modernizations

Modernize your applications by integrating the latest Cloud features such as PaaS, Containers, Block Chain, and many more. Also, modify the architecture of your application to integrate and effectively implement the modernization plan.

Cloud Modernization
Application Best practices

Align Your Application with Best Practices

Assess your environment against Cloud and application best practices. ComPaaS advises and guides you on how to make your application comply with security and compliance or rethink your application from a distribution or consolidation perspective. Optimize cost and efficiency of your applications better as well as ensure security and compliance of your Cloud journey.

Check and Transform Your Application for Compliance

Analyze your infrastructure or application against security and compliance. Orchestrate and transform your application to follow the required compliance ensuring a risk-free environment for your customers.

Check and transform your application for compliance
Improve application density

Improve Your Application's Density

Individual application deployments for each customer holding your ability to provide cost-effective solutions? Share the Cloud infrastructure among your customer deployments for effective utilization. Package your multiple deployments into fewer VMs, PaaS, or any other Cloud services and reduce your operational cost.

Discover the SaaS in Your Deployments

You may already be managing multiple application deployments on Cloud for the same application and you are already a SaaS provider. SaaSOps enables you to assign customers for deployments, generate reports on cost of operations, monitor usage patterns for each customer, optimize based on their needs and thus you are in complete control of your application as SaaS. Expand these capabilities to bill customers based on the cost of operations and services.

Discover the SaaS in your deployments
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