Strategize Your Application's Modernization

Take important strategic decisions with the help of ComPaaS on modernizing your applications—application architecture with PaaS, Containers or application delivery by differentiating the size of infrastructure based on the dynamic needs. Also if needed, transform your application as a fully-instrumented SaaS. ComPaaS guides you to take well-informed strategic decisions by analyzing and generating customized strategy reports.

Plan Your Application's Cloud Journey

Design and orchestrate your application's transformation for Cloud by utilizing the unique strategic analysis feature provided by ComPaaS. Adopt suitable transformation path after considering ComPaaS generated reports—with visual simulations, what-if analysis, cost-benefit analysis, target timelines, planning charts, etc.—for all the transformation possibilities.

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Software Defined SaaS

Experience Software Defined SaaS (SDS)

Acquire any Cloud deployment of your application and transform it into a SaaS application within a few hours. The process is hassle-free, automatic, and guarantees faster time-to-market. SaaS-enable your application by activating tenancy services and plugging-in provisioning, business, and operation services. Integrate key features such as SaaS Marketplace, billing services into your application.

Transform into a Strategic SaaS Business

Analyze any number of applications in your operational environment and generate multiple SaaS delivery model recommendations. Perform in-depth analysis of your applications up to micro-workloads to strategize multiple subscription packages for different customer segments. Compare the cost, operational, and business advantages among different SaaS delivery models for your application.

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