The customer approached Corent to devise a strategy to deploy its application as a SaaS Delivery Model and publish it to the AWS marketplace with no code change.

SaaSified & deployed blockchain enabled Cloud Storage application to AWS marketplace

The customer is a leading provider of scalable blockchain enabled Cloud storage solutions for real world business applications.

The customer offers over 40% cost efficiency over legacy data storage solutions. The customer’s app embeds immutability and security to ease the burden of adding security measures to the database off the users’ shoulders.


  • Assessing Cloud storage parameters (database size/records) to arrive at customized subscription models.
  • Building a licensing model for the application.
  • Decision on flex pricing models for various subscription plans.
  • Monitoring and metering customers' application consumption based on usage.


  • SaaSOps successfully accessed the database and records and determined the most suitable subscription models before integrating the API to the AWS marketplace.
  • SaaSOps enabled the customer to add value to its existing multi-tenancy model. Various operational and commercial features were added to the model before deploying it as a SaaS model.
  • SaaSOps sorted out the issues of volume and multiplicity to enable the customer to establish a scalable business model by managing multiple users, subscriptions, & SaaS deployments.
  • SaaSOps helped the customers view all relevant details of its app users from a single interface to track their usage, payments, executive reports, & more.


SaaSOps successfully transformed the application into a SaaS delivery model.
Customers can access and pay for using the software over the internet by subscribing to the Cloud storage model of their choice.

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