Shopizer was evaluated by MaaS to identify the feasibility of modernizing its workloads into Azure PaaS Services and a flawless modernization migration was performed within a few hours to Microsoft Azure.

Architecture Diagram:

This application was developed using Java platform as a single-tier application and hosted on Apache Tomcat web server with MySQL as database server.

E-Commerce Solution

Modernization to PaaS Services on Microsoft Azure

Shopizer is an open-source e-commerce software solution that gives organizations the ultimate flexibility to take an experience-first approach to commerce, with simple powerful APIs and built-in store models. Corent identified that hosting an open-source e-commerce solution like Shopizer on Microsoft Azure would benefit a lot of organizations.


  • Need to migrate a customized application workload—application server—to PaaS service on Microsoft Azure.
  • Identifying workload components of the application and its dependent resources that are suitable for modernization to PaaS services on Microsoft Azure.
  • Application architecture needs to be optimized for performance and cost.
  • Application configuration must be completed to make it operational after migrating to PaaS services.
Under Corent’s OpenSaaS Initiative, several open-source applications were converted into SaaS. Some of the applications were selected for modernization and Shopizer was one among them to be selected, assessed, and modernized.


  • MaaS, with its unique capability to scan workload components & to identify relevant data, migrated Shopizer to PaaS services. It allowed the required customization to be done automatically in PaaS services
  • Application’s workload components and its associated resources were identified using Deep Scan by MaaS Scanner.
  • Replacing VMs with PaaS services helped in achieving cost savings and in reducing the maintenance costs & efforts as well.
  • MaaS made Shopizer operational on Microsoft Azure by configuring the application on PaaS services through automation scripts.


  • Automated PaaS migration in rapid time.

  • SaaS delivery of application using PaaS services.

  • Zero data loss during migration.

  • Cost savings through application modernization.


MaaS analyzed the Shopizer application in detail and was able to generate a list of suitable App PaaS and DBaaS services available on Microsoft Azure for its workloads. Shopizer was migrated and deployed successfully on Microsoft Azure with the most appropriate Azure PaaS services replacing suitable workloads. This effective modernization of Shopizer helped organizations get access to a highly scalable deployment available on Microsoft Azure.