Perform Rapid Cloud Migration by Integrating Lansweeper Tool with MaaS

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MaaS allows you to smoothly integrate Lansweeper data and perform rapid Cloud readiness assessment of your datacenter within a few hours.


  • Accelerated Cloud assessment without scanning your environment

  • Seamless data extraction from Lansweeper and import into MaaS

  • Server dependency mapping and comprehensive strategy map

  • Cloud-optimized flavor recommendations and End-of-Life advisories

  • Cloud modernization advisories – PaaS, Containers, Re-platforming, etc.

  • Move groups identification and prioritization using R-Lane analysis

  • Comprehensive TCO analysis with Cost Modeling and comparison across Clouds

Creating Sophisticated Cloud Migration Strategy

With Lansweeper Datacenter Asset Data

We are seeing a significant increase in Datacenter migrations to Cloud. Every day, even more Enterprises are exploring possibilities to leverage Cloud and reduce their operating costs, and are looking for rapid assessment and strategy planning for Cloud migration. Enterprises may have asset management and performance monitoring tools currently running in their datacenters, which could provide the necessary data for Cloud migration assessment.

Lansweeper customers can now use our data extraction tool, SurPaaS DataLink for Lansweeper, to collect the necessary data and perform a comprehensive feasibility assessment and planning for Cloud migration. MaaS is a fully automated Cloud Assessment and Migration Platform that evaluates the preparedness of your environment and applications running on it for a seamless migration to Cloud. It helps you to plan and create a customized strategy for your Cloud Journey.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey using Lansweeper Data with MaaS

Assessing your environment for the feasibility of migrating to Cloud can be done in a few hours by using SurPaaS DataLink to connect with Lansweeper pre-installed in your datacenter.
  • Create a MaaS account and connect the SurPaaS DataLink with your account.
  • SurPaaS DataLink will extract the required application and resource asset data from Lansweeper.
  • MaaS processes the extracted data and analyzes servers in your environment by leveraging its unique AI-driven knowledgebase.
  • After its in-depth Cloud migration analysis, SurPaaS generates comprehensive Cloud assessment reports specific to your environment.
  • From these reports, you can select a Cloud migration strategy that best suits your Enterprise and can start your Cloud migration with a single click.
Note: To supplement Lansweeper data, you can perform scanning of your datacenter using the scanner available in MaaS for a deeper analysis.

Expedite Your Cloud Journey by Integrating the Lansweeper Tool with MaaS®.