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SaaS OpenBox- OpenSource Apps as SaaS.

Create new revenue streams by becoming a SaaS provider for any of the 20+ SaaS enabled open source applications.

SaaS OpenBox Solutions

Open Source applications can be deployed on your preferred Cloud and delivered as a Service using Corent's SurPaaS®. Pick any of our 20+ Open Source applications and instantly deliver it as SaaS.

SaaS OpenBox

How to become a SaaS provider?

Select any or few apps from our SaaS OpenBox and send us your details here. We will get in touch to take it further.

How soon can I get started?

In 48 hours! You can be a SaaS provider.
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Deliver and Manage your SaaS OpenBox application right away with SurPaaS®

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How to deliver an Open Source App as SaaS?

Install an Open Source App


Install an Open Source App on your Cloud

SaaSify leveraging SurPaaS


SaaSify leveraging SurPaaS®

Set up subscription and billing


Set up subscription and billing

Provision new tenants as customers


Provision new tenants as customers

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Are you a SI, MSP, HSP or a CSP? Do you want to deliver Open Source Applications as SaaS to your enterprise customer?


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What's cooking at Corent?

We are busy working on the next wave disruptive technologies. Drop in your mail ID and we will keep you posted.

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