Channel enablement

Create a Smarter Sales Channel Enablement

Is your application going Global? How will you support Resellers, Partners, and Franchises for your application? Deliver your Cloud applications to your Partner Network through SurPaaS platform's hierarchical channel management capability. Create customized delivery methods for Partners in different geolocations. Brand your application for delivery into different vertical channels. Manage all the applications running in your portfolio using a centralized platform.

Establish Your Own Migration Service

Rebrand MaaS using our white-labeling feature and resell as your own Cloud Migration Practice to customers. Customize licensing agreement information as required for your rebranding. Modify the interface items such as logos, landing/welcome page text, email templates, as you want, for rebranding and appearance.

Your own migration service
Cloud operations

Your Own Next-Gen Cloud Operations as a Service

Use ComPaaS to create and enhance your services for Cloud Operations. Offer Continuous optimization to your Cloud customers to assess and reduce Cost and footprint of Cloud resources, Applications, and SaaS products. Also, you can modernize by adding in latest Cloud capabilities such as PaaS, Containers and redeploy to existing Cloud assets to better architecture and manage them effectively.

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