Way to do business in SaaS

Change the Way You Do Business with SaaS

Transform your business into a reliable and scalable SaaS enterprise using SaaSOps unique integrated end-to-end solution. Enjoy numerous benefits such as global reach, scalable business model, shorter time-to-market. Integrate compelling features such as one-click customer provisioning, customer self-service with subscription management, secure management of customer payments in real time, and many more.

Turn Anything into a Service

You can now transform your application into a service. Add the critical Operations and Commercial Services to your applications instantly on the SaaSOps Platform. Using our automated tools to transform your application into a tenant aware application. Deploy on any Cloud, Increase the perceived value of your offering and deliver the convenience of SaaS to your customers.

Usage based application monetization

Monetize Your Applications Based on Usage

In this world of feature-rich applications, there is seldom a chance that an application delivers an one-size-fits-all solution in terms of features against customer requirements. Start monitoring the usage patterns of your application and make the right strategic decisions to monetize specific capabilities of your application. SaaSOps enables you to bill your customers based on the usage of application features and hence creates a win-win situation for you and your customers using well tailored subscription plans.

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