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Find Your Cloud Ratings

Validate your infrastructure and application architecture against Cloud best practices. Use the findings to bridge the gap and improve your Cloud infrastructure

Forecast Your Cloud Cost

Get continuous look at your Cloud usage with visualization for all your Cloud accounts in a single dashboard. Act proactively to save cost using ComPaaS guidance

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Understand Your Application DNA

Unravel the workloads, configurations, and other related dependencies of your Cloud application. ComPaaS builds the complete workload map of your applications swiftly

Spot SaaS in your Applications

Gather the same application or a group of applications deployed on multiple locations and seamlessly manage or deliver them as SaaS. Embed operations and commercial management capabilities to extend your application into a complete SaaS platform for serving internal or external customers.

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Train AI to Learn your Trends

Train our SurPaaS Knowledgebase, an advanced learning system, with your specific requirements. It can recognize the workloads that you are managing and will provide library management for your application’s migration or remigration needs. It also understands the usage and performance trends of your application assets and adapts to your distinct patterns.

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