Cloud command center

Establish Your Cloud Command Center

SurPaaS Platform, a complete end-to-end Cloud journey AI-based solution expert, provides detailed dashboards and in-depth analysis at every step of your journey. Take control of your entire Cloud Infrastructure and improve its performance drastically by realizing and taking advantage of every enhancement opportunity.

One Click to Manage Your Cloud Account

Manage your multiple Cloud subscriptions across different Clouds, users and their privileges on the go. Maintain audit logs with comprehensive details about the sequence of actions performed on your Cloud account by any of your account users.

Cloud account management
Track changes

Track Changes for Auditing

There are multiple stages involved in migration and optimization of your Cloud assets. Every step requires changes and careful tracking of how these are made. So you need a central command center to track all the changes and decisions for your future auditing needs.

Alert on Critical Changes

There can be regular changes occurring on your Cloud resources. Identifying where the critical changes happen and alerting your teams is paramount. ComPaaS has a robust alert and notification system and it also provides you the capability to configure your own alerts. Keep track of your Cloud resources and its operations by utilizing this automated alert mechanism.

Critical change alert
Sync Notification

Be in Sync—Collaborate & Notify

Collaboration among your key stakeholders such as Cloud Architects, Operations Experts, Decision Makers is very essential during every step of your Cloud journey. Effective collaboration among them enhances successful implementation of advanced Cloud solutions.

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