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Reduce Your Cloud Footprint

Identify unused or underutilized Cloud resources running on your Cloud account. Scale down or eliminate these resources to avoid incurring cost on Cloud. Use dynamic trend analysis and trace the trends to resize resources in real time.

Control Your Cloud Costs

Estimate the cost for all your Cloud resources based on your current usage trends. Proactively act upon to save your Cloud cost. Based on continuous advisories from ComPaaS, eliminate or consolidate your Cloud resources to further reduce your Cloud cost.

Optimize cloud cost
Save cost in single click

Optimize Your Cloud in a Single Click

Reduce your Cloud cost based on the smart advisories provided by ComPaaS. Perform actions based on advisories on your Cloud resources in one click by utilizing the Cloud providers’ APIs on the fly. Manage your resources effectively from a single pane.

Trace Performance Trends to Optimize

Optimize your Cloud resources, starting from virtual machines to PaaS, by analyzing different possibilities to make the best and most effective use of your Cloud infrastructure. Create a detailed flavor mapping with a timeline for your Cloud resources based on their past utilization history for effective and automated optimization.

Trend analysis
Application optimization

Optimize Applications Beyond Infrastructure

Optimize your applications effectively by looking beyond your infrastructure. Assess your application, identify the trends and optimization suggestions to improve the operations of your application by applying Cloud best practices.

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