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  • Are You Overspending on the Cloud?
    If you feel like you’re overspending on cloud costs, you’re not alone. The cloud is a powerful tool, but it can also be an expensive one. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending a lot more money than you budgeted for on your cloud services.
  • Which Cloud Marketplace is Right for Your SaaS Product?
    There’s more to creating a SaaS product than just building the app. You also need to make you’re your product is available where your customers are, which is why one of the most vital to dos for developers is choosing which marketplace best suits your needs. There are three major…
  • Seamlessly migrate to any Azure Stack component with Corent’s MaaS
    A customer from the telecommunications sector in Europe wanted to migrate their vast array of servers (2,350), hosting business-critical apps, to Azure Stack. The requirement was to securely migrate their entire compute and storage environment from three data centers across different geolocations with the least possible downtime. There were other…
  • How to Get Your Software Application Published Quicker in 2023
    If you’re looking to not only publish your software application, but also create a full SaaS solution you can monetize in 2023, look no further. Corent Technology has created the ultimate SaaS delivery solution—Marketizer. Marketizer, the All-in-One Cloud Marketplace Automation Platform, streamlines the go-to-market process for SaaS delivery, providing a…

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