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Democratizing SaaS with Open Source

The open source movement has been extremely effective at democratizing the process of developing software. Anyone can take that software and run it themselves as long as they have the technical skills and resources to do so. However, the software market is evolving towards a SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model, and many open source applications aren’t designed for…

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Moving Federal and Public Sector datacenters to the Cloud with SurPaaS – Partnership with General Dynamics IT

When compared to standard enterprise datacenter migration, working with federal and public sector organizations requires further considerations to be made. Working with such clients only increases the number of requirements you have to worry about, whether it is around compliance and security, or verification and clearance; it’s just how this industry works. These organizations, when performing their migration, want the…

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How to speed up your datacenter assessment 10x?

Assessing your company’s datacenters for migration, with any standard scanning tool, can be rather laborious and time-consuming, as there are many complexities to evaluating and scanning each unique datacenter; which the average scan tool often fails to catch. As such, this can severely hamper the Cloud migration of your company’s assets, stretching out scan times, and delaying your company’s shift…

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5 Ways to Scan your Datacenter for Cloud Migration

Scanning datacenters is the most important step that a company can take when venturing to the realm of the Cloud. It determines the compatibility of your compute and storage assets with the Cloud infrastructure and helps you chart your path to success. Scanning data centers is the most important step that a company can take when venturing to the realm…

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