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Corent’s PaaSify™ holds the key for companies aspiring to leverage PaaS

For companies searching for solutions to trim operational expenses without hindering efficiency, Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers several benefits. Companies can hire compute power, storage, networking infrastructure, OSes, and middleware on the Cloud as part of PaaS services. This arrangement offers companies on-demand access to applications and tools to perform various tasks, including development and testing. The problem with…

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How partnering with Corent is a win-win for Services Companies?

How can businesses capitalize on emerging and existing opportunities without straining their coffers? It is an existential question, especially for services companies striving to create new revenue streams amid swelling competition. Partnering with Corent enables services companies to adapt to emerging challenges while reducing upfront and operational costs. Corent bundles skills, tech know-how, support, and marketing strategies into a single…

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Is Cross-Cloud Migration the Key to Unlocking the True Potential of the Cloud?

The transition to a Cloud environment is not aspirational anymore but a necessity. We have seen partners leverage Corent MaaS™ to strategize their journey to choose the best-in-breed services for workloads in a multi-Cloud environment. In conjunction with Corent ComPaaS™, partners have not only saved on upfront costs but also have managed to attain optimal performance within budget. A multi-Cloud…

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How to choose the best Cloud platform for migration?

Service providers using Corent’s MaaS can automate the pre-flight modalities of Cloud migration to ensure a seamless take-off based on its incisive, insightful advisories. But the take-off, too, is only a part of the journey; service providers must decide on the landing zone or the Cloud platform with all its complexities before enabling the transition of the customer’s environment. Any…

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