The Future of SaaS Technology

The Future of SaaS Technology

In this quick blog we are breaking down the SaaS industry’s transformation into a multi-trillion-dollar entity independent of the cloud industry and sharing what’s next for the future of SaaS.

Gen-1 SaaS Technology

With the democratization of the internet came a new opportunity for software delivery to consumers, and in a true example of value migration, SaaS solutions have entered the scene. Popular SaaS products
are part of our daily business and personal lives at this point; take for its core CRM offering or even Netflix for providing movies and television shows “as a Service” by leveraging the
potential of SaaS to allow greater producer and customer freedom, and as a result, more value.

The Future of SaaS

By 2030, SaaS will be a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and according to McKinsey just India’s 6% share of this next global economic boom alone will exceed $1 trillion and will create an estimated 2,500,000 net new jobs.

And that is using Gen-1 technologies, which means every software vendor must create their own “as a Service” capabilities manually one software application at a time, in a sense re-inventing the wheel.

Enter Corent’s turnkey SaaSOps™ solution and its companion service Marketizer. They are paving the way for the democratization of the SaaS industry throughout this monumental boom we are on the cusp
of. SaaSOps and Marketizer are giving everyday tech entrepreneurs the tools to rapidly transform their software into a fully instrumented SaaS and have them running on the cloud marketplace of their choice
in a mostly automated fashion.

With Corent’s Marketizer, any software application can be delivered “as a Service,” in an effortless no-code fashion in 72 hours. This makes it possible for businesses and consumers around the world to
benefit from the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of many software applications with the cost effectiveness and convenience of the SaaS business model.

With Marketizer, it is possible to publish software products with a much lower barrier of entry into the marketplace, with reduced overall operational costs, improved customer service and retention, reduced
sales cycles, accelerated revenue, and competitive advantages.

Marketizer also provides commercial management capabilities such as subscription management, metering, invoicing, and billing, all of which would take up time and engineering resources. With
Marketizer, software vendors benefit from selling their B2B software applications as a multi-tenant service where the marginal cost of onboarding and managing a new tenant or entity with many users
approaches zero. Because the go-to-market process is simplified, it’s easier to take software products to market, sell them more effectively, and reach more customers on a global basis without requiring
significant time or money.

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Don’t think of your software business as an efficient and modern SaaS company? Marketizer is here to change that.

With Marketizer, create a complete SaaS product you can not only monetize, but create added value for your end users. Start publishing your SaaS applications across multiple marketplaces now with our free 60-day trial.

Watch this 1-minute video to see the Gen-2 preview of your SaaS business!

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