SurPaaS® Continuum For Your Infrastructure Optimization

Realizing Continuous Cloud Landscape Optimization and Modernization

SurPaaS® scans all the resources available in your Cloud infrastructure in real-time and displays smart advisories to cut down the Cloud cost and footprint. With the advisories provided, decisions to continuously optimize the resources can be easily taken for any complex environment.


Optimize Your Cloud Resources Continuously

Identify all the resources currently available on your Cloud account. Recognize unused or underutilized resources which incur high cost and optimize by choosing low cost equivalents suggested by SurPaaS®. Achieve footprint reduction by continuous evaluation of Cloud resources. Identify and resolve the security gaps on your Cloud infrastructure based on Cloud security best practices. Implement these optimizations from SurPaaS® platform on a single click.

Advisories Plus One-Click Actions

SurPaaS® provides advisories for various purposes like cost projections, security enhancements, footprint reduction, and more. Avoid the complexity of applying the recommendations on relevant resources on Cloud portal, as these advisories can be implemented from SurPaaS® platform itself with ease.

Track Your Cloud Activities through Audit Logs

SurPaaS® keeps complete trail of all the actions performed through the platform by each user as audit logs. You can utilize the audit logs for your future diagnostics which provides details of the resources, actions, timestamp and users.

Govern Your Cloud Cost

Define usage plans for resources to control the expenses of your Cloud accounts. SurPaaS® collects information about your current Cloud usage and predicts impending expenses to help you keep the overall budget under control.

Visualize Your Cloud Resources in Multidimensional View

Traverse through your Cloud by navigating across your resources using cutting-edge technology. It enables you to acquire a better understanding of your resources and its connections. Take better optimization decisions by filtering and viewing Cloud resources based on its type.

Support to Multiple Currencies

Cloud provider offers multiple currency support for billing your resource usage. SurPaaS® calculates and provides estimates/savings using the currency associated with your Cloud account.

Rebrand as Your Own

Rebrand the product with your customized information such as logo, content, email templates, and privacy policy as required

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