SurPaaS® Continuum For Your SaaS Operations

Faster and Smarter Way to SaaS. SaaSify your Applications and Manage its SaaS Operations Efficiently.

Many organizations consider Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as an effective way to deliver their applications to customers and it is becoming a mainstream software delivery model. But to transform an application into its SaaS-enabled form requires deep knowledge about SaaS transformation and its features.

It might be difficult to analyze and understand which part of the SaaS spectrum your applications fits the most and to transform and manage your applications as SaaS. To help you with this, Corent has developed a unique SaaS offering which efficiently SaaS-enables your applications for Cloud.

SurPaaS® Continuum is a complete solution for managing the operations of SaaS applications with real-time monitoring and alerts. It provides you an easier way to transform your application into SaaS. The distinctive feature of SurPaaS® Continuum is its ability to provide recommendations for continuously optimizing your applications in the Cloud.


Application SaaSification

Acquire any cloud deployment of your application and transform it into a SaaS application within few hours. The process is hassle free, automatic and guarantees faster time-to-market. It SaaS-enables your application by activating tenancy services and plugging-in provisioning, business and operation services. It also helps you to integrate some key features in your application such as SaaS Marketplace integration, billing services and subscription management.

Operations on SaaSified Applications

SurPaaS® Continuum allows you to manage the operations of SaaS applications by making it re-deployable with best practice architecture and provides you with operational capabilities such as blueprint management and automatic blueprint creation, application lifecycle management, application version management, Cloud deployment management, application/workload health monitoring, custom monitoring, optimization (cost, security, PaaS, upsizing/downsizing resources, etc.), and more.

Software Defined SaaS

SurPaaS® Continuum provides you the ability to manage and utilize various SaaS features available for your applications.

SaaS with PaaS

Cloud Providers offer various PaaS services as an alternative to commonly used workloads in many applications. These services provide greater flexibility and scalability to your application while reducing maintenance cost and effort. SurPaaS® Continuum allows you to utilize various PaaS services available on Cloud.

SaaS Continuum

SurPaaS® Continuum supports a continuum of tenancy models, from Single Tenancy Model where each tenant has their own application environment, to Multi-Tenancy Model where many Tenants share an application environment or Hybrid Tenancy Model which is a combination of both. Corent has a unique technology to instrument an application and transform it into a full multi-tenant application. SurPaaS® Continuum analyses your application and provides you with different SaaSification models available for your application which benefits your business. Each model brings you a different cost and operational benefits depending on SaaS Density.

SaaSability Report

SurPaaS® Continuum scans your application to its finest details and provides a comprehensive report about your application. The report includes a continuum of possible SaaS models available for your application. A suitable SaaS model for your application can be chosen from the options by exploring different what-if scenarios to achieve distinct commercial and operational benefits. It allows you to customize the cost for each tenant by taking into account various operations and business considerations. It helps you to compare costs across different Cloud Providers.

Tenancy Management

Using SurPaaS® Continuum, you can manage all your tenants and users from a single console in SurPaaS® Continuum, no matter where they are deployed. It provides you complete control over managing your application tenants. You can provision new tenants in SurPaaS® Continuum, in addition to tenants self-provisioning themselves. You can carry out various other tenant management activities such as activation, deactivation, subscription approval/rejection.

Subscription Management

SurPaaS® Continuum provides the ability to create subscription definitions that align with your pricing model. You can migrate customers between subscriptions and upgrade them from a free trial to a paid subscription. You can also create and manage discount coupons for your tenants which can help you in promoting your application. You can manage the subscription renewal options (both automatic and manual) to be available for your tenants.

Metering and Usage-Based Billing

SurPaaS® Continuum provides you the capability to associate metering components created based on the application monitoring streams. It enables you to charge your customers based on their usage of application features.

Payment Services Integration

SurPaaS® Continuum comes with several pre-configured options for integration with popular third-party payment services, and can be easily integrated with other payment service providers of your choice.


SurPaaS® Continuum generates invoices and reports for each of your tenants regarding their application usage and relevant charges applicable. These provides, both you and the tenants, the easiest and fastest way to look at the summary of application usage. In the Reports module, you can view invoices, user-based timescale reports for all the tenants.

Cloud SaaS Marketplace Integration

SurPaaS® Continuum marketplace feature enables your SaaSified applications to be listed on popular Cloud Marketplaces, helping you to leverage the brand value of Cloud. Customers can choose your applications from a Cloud marketplace and start using it immediately. This helps you to reach a wide range of Cloud customers. Supported Cloud marketplaces include AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.

Multi-Level Dashboards

SurPaaS® Continuum offers multiple levels of dashboards for the ease of users and provides overview about application clusters, applications, deployments, and tenants. These dashboards provide real-time usage information of applications and shows a graphical representation of the current status of your applications. It enables you to make instantaneous and informed decisions at a glance. It displays information such as number of clusters, applications, deployments, versions, tenants, Cloud resource usage, SaaS Applications with access credentials, summary of their subscriptions, geographic distribution of SaaS providers, number of instances and its status.

Connect and Promote Your SaaS Applications from Anywhere

Embed access to your SaaS application at any market promotions or Global sites. Also provide direct access to your SaaS application from search engines. Connect directly with your SaaS applications through SaaS Link API and allow your customers to self-provision automatically.

Operate Your Open-Source Applications as SaaS

SurPaaS® OpenSaaS is a Corent initiative which helps open-source application providers to deliver their applications as SaaS. Tap into the vast majority of SME customers available through Cloud Marketplaces. SurPaaS® OpenSaaS offers you an opportunity to deliver your open-source applications as a fully instrumented SaaS on multiple Cloud marketplaces and increase your market reach.
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