Smart Replatforming

Beyond Lift and Shift, explore and achieve the 3R's for better strategies to deploy and scale your application, redeploy workloads to the latest in Cloud tech and retopologize.

'Smart' Migration. It's possible now.

Explore a variety of possibilities, 3R's—Replatform, Refactor and Rehost, combine your strategies and migrate with a click.

Retopologize for Your Needs

Explore multiple topologies available for your application and convert to the one most suitable for your business needs.

Modernize OS and Workloads

Upgrade workloads to newer or different OS. Move to PaaS and Containers to eliminate the complexity of managing resources.

Replatform for End-of-Life

Switch from the unsupported workload and OS versions to latest on the Cloud. Extend its life, secure and modernize.

Shift with a Single Click

Automate migration to the Cloud for Replatforming, Refactoring and Rehosting, with a single click, based on Cloud best practices.

Change Application Topology

Make your application powerful and ready to withstand all the rigors of business and exhibit superior performance, reliability and more.

Optimize for Performance

Customize and create the right topology for your application based on our multiple smart advisories and performance metrics.

Scale Your Application Architecture

Redefine your architecture for scalability by identifying and filling the gaps in your architecture vs. next-generation Cloud architecture.

Choose an Ideal Topology

Select a topology customized for your application from the stack of intelligent recommendations generated based on Cloud best practices.

Upgrade or Switch

Utilize the latest workload & operating system features and realize performance & security benefits by adopting newer versions.

Switch to Different OS
Extract your application workloads from existing operating system and cross-migrate to a different compatible operation system along with the data.
Upgrade to the Latest OS
Check application compatibility to a new OS, move to the latest OS on the Cloud without impacting any of the application workloads and data.
Upgrade Your Workload Versions
Discover and check the different components of your application and upgrade them to the latest available versions and also securely migrate its data without service disruption.

Deal with EOL Smartly

Plan and extend the life of your resources on the Cloud, beyond its End-of-Life (EOL). Plan well ahead, upgrade or extend, to protect your business against vulnerabilities.

Identify EOL Servers

Identify the servers with EOL OS and explore its migration to the latest OS versions using our AI-based recommendations.

Extend Support for EOL Workloads

Discover the workloads nearing End-of-Life support in your application and save your business from surprises.

Upgrade and Prevent EOL Risks

Upgrade your OS and workloads in production environments before license expiry with ease and avoid hampering business continuity.

Shift with a Click

Migrate your application to Cloud with a smarter Cloud architecture in just one click within a short time and with no data loss.

Dynamic Migration Plans

Create custom migration plans based on business-driven what-if scenarios and choose the most effective one to fulfill your needs.

Smart Workload Library

Choose from predefined workload migration plans available in the library across multiple OS. Add custom workload migration plans into the library and manage effectively.

Migrate Applications with a Click

Define the Cloud resources and network configuration with ease in MaaS and migrate all the servers from datacenters to Cloud with a single click.

Come experience our platform's rearchitecting, rehosting and refactoring capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.

MaaS SmartShift. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on Rearchitecting Your Application for Cloud Migration using SmartShift.

What are the supported Clouds and Cloud Services?
  • Clouds (for Assessment): Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and other Clouds.

  • Clouds (for Migration): Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, AWS, IBM Cloud.

  • Cloud Services: Containers (AKS, IBM OpenShift, EKS, GKE) and Managed PaaS Services.

Can I perform OS upgrade / Cross-OS migration?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing OS or migrate your application and its workloads to a different OS using SmartShift Migration.

Can I rearchitect my application during the migration?

You can build a custom topology for your application or select any one of the 6 suggested topologies based on your needs and migrate your application swiftly.

Will there be downtime during SmartShift Migration?

No, there won't be any downtime in your application during the SmartShift Migration.

How long will it take for the SmartShift Migration?

Generally, it takes around 3 to 4 hours per application. However, it depends on the complexity of the application as well as the volume of data to be migrated.

Can I modernize applications running on on-premises as well as Cloud?

Yes, applications running on both on-premises and Cloud can be modernized.