Migrate Seamlessly to Kubernetes Container Services

Multiply the productivity of your Containerization team by 10x with Corent's automated Containerization as a Service (a.k.a. MaaS Containerize)

MaaS Containerize allows you to identify application workloads that are compatible with containerization using its comprehensive knowledge base system. Choose workloads that need to be containerized and select any one of the topologies from MaaS multiple container deployment architecture suggestions. MaaS creates Kubernetes manifests required for the selected workloads and launches containers seamlessly during Cloud migration. Rapidly containerize and securely persist the data of containerized applications by synchronizing the data during Cloud migration.

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Evaluate Your Application for a Seamless Containerization

Discover the workloads available in your application, including any containers that are already part of your application. Identify the interfaces between the workloads in your application so that taking strategic decisions to convert your application workloads into containers becomes very easy.

Recognize Apt Container Mechanism Through Our Advisories

Evaluate if your application workloads can be migrated directly to existing container services offered by Cloud or identify the process required for converting non-containerized workloads into containers. Identify suitable workloads for containerization, which can be migrated along with the application without changing its runtime environment.

Migrate Rapidly and Manage Containers Effectively on Cloud

Migrate existing containers available in your application rapidly by mapping relevant container services on Cloud. Convert your application workloads into customized containers and migrate your application to preferred Cloud. You can even convert these workloads into Kubernetes Container services such as OpenShift, AKS, EKS, GKE available on Cloud.

Ensure Persistence and Continuous Synchronization of Data

Migrate your application data to containers on Cloud as separate disks using MaaS to avoid data loss during container provisioning. Enable end-to-end synchronization of data from the local environment to containers in a secure manner after transformation and achieve zero data loss without service disruption.

CI/CD DevOps Integration

Encapsulate DevOps and CI/CD capabilities into your application workload containers using MaaS for an end-to-end management of your containers on Cloud. It will enable you to test and deploy containers in the release pipeline and improve your application performance on Cloud.

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