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Cloud Migration—Strategize & Execute

Migrate your servers to Cloud either by utilizing our easy-to-use Cloud migration platform "MaaS" on your own or through Corent's Migration Factory where our migration experts will do it for you. Adapt your application to an optimal Cloud transformation with limited or no manual interference by leveraging the diverse set of migration modes we offer—Shadow Mode, Smart Mode, PaaS Mode, Container Mode. We empower you to migrate any application to your preferred Cloud seamlessly, ensuring security at-rest and in-transit without any data loss.

Using R-Lane Strategy to Migrate Your Applications

Migration planning with optimization and modernization can be classified and charted across multiple R-Lanes as a strategy. You can assess applications using MaaS and can view the application clusters. Convert them into move groups and our tool automatically charts them into R-Lane based on complexity and criticality of the applications, which you can fine-tune to create your strategy. It also identifies and suggests which R-Lane your VMs fall under if you analyze in the infrastructure mode. Organize and order the migration activities for your environment using MaaS findings. Migrate your servers to Cloud using the suitable R-Lane proposed by MaaS.

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Plan Your Own Cloud Journey

Based on the choices you make using the R-Lane and Cloud Migration strategy, create different Cloud plans as what-if scenarios and execute your migration through MaaS for assessment planning and migration. Migration planning can be tricky, we offer you the best way to migrate your servers where you can plan and execute your strategy of Lift & Shift or optimize or modernize based on your Cloud journey choices.

Choose Your Migration Partner

Need help with Cloud migration? Don't worry. We understand that not every organization should have migration competency since it involves different technologies and strategies. We have an ensemble list of Partners who have joined hands with us and are trained & certified in using our Cloud migration platform, MaaS. These Cloud migration experts will guide you to realize your unique needs for Cloud migration strategies. Choose from our list of Partners and forget about your worries on resources and credibility required during your Cloud journey.

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Move to Private Cloud

Using MaaS, securely migrate from any environment to private Cloud such as Microsoft Azure Stack. Once the Microsoft Azure Stack environment is installed and set up successfully, model SurPaaS Cloud Knowledgebase first with the details of your own Microsoft Azure Stack configurations. Start migrating your resources to Microsoft Azure Stack almost immediately after the Knowledgebase is updated with the configurations.

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