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Choose Your Cloud

Choose the Cloud based on the capabilities that best suits your Data Center assets. Pick the best suitable Cloud for your environment based on the advisories provided by MaaS. Analyse for cost, performance, and ideal fit of Cloud resources that matches your existing hardware. Our intelligent platform assesses your infrastructure and applications and rates based on best fit heatmap compatibility of each Cloud for you. Also assess your preferred Cloud against your infrastructure to identify its current level of migration feasibility.

Hybrid (Public-Private) Cloud

MaaS works through a learning system based on the knowledgebase with the details of Clouds being assessed. We support all the leading Clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, OCI, GCP, etc. You can very easily add your favorite Cloud details in the knowledgebase and perform the assessment against the Public or Private Cloud to determine the compatibility. Deploy some application workloads on Private Cloud, such as Azure Stack, and others on one or more Public/Private Clouds. Adopt Hybrid Cloud environment for your infrastructure to ensure the security standards implemented in your applications/environment.

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Right-Size and Auto-Scale Your Assets

Refine and optimize your infrastructure by right-sizing it to the best suitable Cloud flavors based on performance and utilization data gathered by MaaS. MaaS has in-built adaptors allowing you to upload data from other performance monitoring tools. You can also size them based on cost as we have a comprehensive cost modelling tool built within MaaS. You can update the knowledgebase to fine-tune the right size selection criteria to suit your requirements.

Cloud Best Practices Advisories

MaaS offers expert advice on various Cloud best practices ranging from ideal application architectures with multiple topology suggestions to suitable Cloud resources for your application including PaaS and Containers. MaaS’ Smart Analysis recommends best practices in managing your Cloud resources such as resource groups, security groups, availability sets, subnets. Optimize the cost and efficiency of your Cloud journey along with improved security and compliance.

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Dynamic What-if Scenarios

Analyze your application against multiple objective-based scenarios by factoring in customized Cloud migration needs such as scalability, DR, redundancy, performance, security, etc. Identify what fits best for your Cloud journey and optimize your applications for Cloud using MaaS. Visualize different topology suggestions for your application that best suits the business needs. Assess for one cloud or multiple Clouds in different scenarios include PaaS or containerization options. Find the one the suits you the best.

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