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Explore Your Infrastructure

To analyze your Infrastructure, you need a simple and secure method to scan your Data Centers and multiple networks. MaaS offers Agentless Scanning method which can scale to scan thousands of servers in a day all within the safety of your on-premises network with the data encrypted at rest and in transit. Each scan can assess a server within few minutes and can be extended to run longer to trace the utilization and performance tracks. Get comprehensive insights about your Infrastructure ranging from physical to virtual server details for various OS platforms.

Assess Your Infrastructure's Performance

Review and trace your Infrastructure's resource utilization and performance to see if you can upsize or downsize servers to optimize your operational cost. Now you can discover applications on your infrastructure and assess if some of your critical application components can be consolidated such as databases and application servers. You can view the complete distribution of your application workloads and also get a peek into how efficiently the platform resources (PaaS) can be utilized.

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Know Your Workloads and its Dependencies

Discover all the workloads in your infrastructure and generate the DNA and detailed workload map of your applications. MaaS utilizes multiple scanning techniques both static and dynamic to acquire significant insights into dependencies of servers and workloads of your applications. Also visualize how these workloads are interconnected and distributed across your network. Do you have these information already available with you? No worries, simply upload it and immediately visualize it.

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