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Visualize Your Infrastructure and Application Landscape

Identify the server-level connectivity map of your applications along with detailed application workload and dependency mapping. ComPaaS generates comprehensive mapping of source environment assets with Cloud resources based on its infrastructure-level analysis. Explore wide variety of application rearchitecturing options through our visual what-if scenario analysis. Modernize your infrastructure, based on ComPaaS advisories, rapidly and continuously resulting in improved cost optimization.

Project Your Cloud Cost

Project not only the cost of your Cloud resources, but also additional services using ComPaaS’ most versatile cost modelling engine. Create your own custom cost patterns for a personalized analysis. Understand how your Cloud resources are utilized by comparing your current Cloud cost against cost projections for each of the optimization recommendations provided by ComPaaS. Thus enabling you to efficiently manage your Cloud resources and cost.

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Optimize Your Environment Continuously

Even before you migrate to Cloud, explore options to reoptimize your application deployment architecture and add additional PaaS capabilities. You can optimize or modernize your applications before migration or after you migrate them to Cloud. First Lift & Shift your applications, then start the cycle of continuous optimization. Manage your application's complete lifecycle and modernize your application's versions, deployments, blueprints, and more.

Monetize Applications—Grow Your Business

Monetize your application to develop a long-lasting revenue stream for your business by offering it as a Service using SurPaaS platform. Explore and develop multiple pricing models suitable for your application and charge customers based on the usage of application features. Check if your applications can be deployed as SaaS. Unlock its true potential as a fully SaaS-enabled application. Even applications already deployed can still be commercialized as SaaS.

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Govern Your Cloud Assets

Govern your Cloud infrastructure effectively by forecasting your ongoing Cloud cost based on the resource utilization data and save cost based on ComPaaS optimization advisories. Manage all your Cloud accounts, subscriptions, and users on a single click using the unified dashboard. All changes are recorded and logged establishing a trace history for you to govern the Cloud assets.

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