3 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Cloud Optimization

Managing your cloud infrastructures every day, it can be challenging to do so efficiently. Often, shifting to the cloud is an exciting change but instead of reducing cloud costs, cloud costs escalate, and before you know it, you and your clients are overspending on monthly cloud costs.

Luckily, with automated cloud optimization, you can gain control over your cloud management to gain meaningful insights, increase efficiency, and cut cloud costs.

Here are 3 benefits of automating your cloud optimization processes:

Greater Visibility of Your Cloud Infrastructure

Using the cloud as efficiently as possible in your business starts with identifying areas which require attention. When using a multi-cloud strategy, it can become difficult to look at all of your costs easily and determine where resources can be better allocated.

ComPaaS is an all-in-one cloud optimization tool which offers a robust visualization of all your clients’ cloud infrastructures from a single dashboard. This added visibility allows you to easily identify which resources are inflating cloud costs and consolidate as needed.

Through ComPaaS’s single-click intelligent advisories, it’s possible to make informed decisions for optimizing cloud resources. For example, ComPaaS will automatically inform you when an OS version is going to be end-of-support and recommend an upgrade, or advise that memory is constrained and recommend an upgrade. The powerful advantage ComPaaS has is the ability to implement the advisories actions with one-click, leaving you in control, while making the implementation automatic.

A More Efficient Workflow

Without automated cloud optimization, there are a number of laborious tasks required such as looking for opportunities to cut costs, implementing infrastructure changes, and watching for cloud sprawl and cloud cost overruns, to name a few. Automated cloud optimization with ComPaaS automates these tasks and more, creating a more efficient that works for you while providing automated discovery, mapping, monitoring, and analysis of your cloud resources.

If you’re already a ServiceNow user, ComPaaS even integrates with that product, allowing for additional workflow process streamlining. Advisories can trigger ServiceNow workflows to get acknowledgement and authorization for changes before they are implemented.

Continuous Cost Optimization

With greater visibility into the cloud resources being used, it’s common to see cloud cost savings with ComPaaS up to 30%. As a bonus, by completely automating your cloud optimization, you’ll not only help your clients reduce their cloud footprints and avoid unnecessary costs, you’ll reduce your own workload devoted to monitoring and managing the cloud resources too.

Automate Your Cloud Optimization Now with ComPaaS

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