How Marketizer™ Navigates the Complexities of Data Privacy and Security in Cloud Marketplaces

Are you an independent software vendor (ISV) navigating the dynamic cloud marketplace environment?

If so, it’s critical to recognize the importance of safeguarding your customers’ data and ensuring the security of your applications. A data breach or security incident not only threatens your trust and reputation but can also carry significant legal and financial consequences! It’s no longer enough to offer innovative solutions; you also need to prioritize security measures to protect your customers.

Join us as we delve into the core aspects of data privacy and security within cloud marketplaces (such as Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and AWS Cloud Marketplace) and show you four key ways Corent Technology’s Marketizer™ addresses your cloud marketplace security concerns.

Customer Application Security

As you’re considering the various aspects of data privacy and security, one of the most critical aspects is ensuring the security within your customers’ applications. Marketizer offers a proactive approach here, with:

No Inbound Ports Required: Marketizer eliminates the need for inbound ports, reducing the attack surface and potential vulnerabilities. This proactive measure ensures that your applications are shielded from unauthorized access.

Outbound Communication: Marketizer’s communication with its agents occurs through outbound channels, which enhances security by minimizing the exposure of your applications to external threats.

Tenant Data Isolation

In multi-tenant cloud environments, tenant data isolation is an essential task that protects each of your tenant’s data from unauthorized access, ensuring strict confidentiality. Marketizer employs multiple robust techniques to ensure your tenants’ data remains separate and secure through tenant data isolation, including:

Dedicated Partitioning: Tenant data isolation is achieved through dedicated partitioning, which can include separate virtual machines (VMs), databases (DBs), and/or schemas.

Patented MT Plugin: Marketizer incorporates a patented Multi-Tenant (MT) Plugin that handles the isolation of tenant data in transit within applications that are transformed to multi-tenancy. This innovative, patented approach enhances data security and integrity during transmission.

Tenant Information in Marketizer

Tenant data, including credentials and confidential information, must be shielded from potential threats and breaches to ensure the integrity of cloud-based applications. Marketizer goes above and beyond to protect tenants’ sensitive information, offering:

Encryption at Rest: All sensitive data, including credentials, is encrypted at rest. This means that even if an unauthorized party gains access to the storage infrastructure, they won’t be able to decipher the stored information.

Encryption in Transit: Marketizer ensures that all data transmitted through HTTPS is encrypted, providing an additional layer of security when data is in motion.

Payment Transactions

Ensuring seamless and secure financial transactions for your customers is also vital. Here’s how Marketizer prioritizes security for payment transactions:

Credit Card Handling: While subscription purchases on cloud marketplaces are handled via the standard cloud marketplace billing and payment methods, if some subscription transaction off the cloud marketplaces takes place and uses credit card or other payment methods, these transactions are automatically redirected to PCI-compliant third-party services, such as Stripe. This approach ensures that payment card information is handled in accordance with industry standards and regulations for privacy and security.

Secure Online Payments: Online payments of recurring and ad-hoc charges are issued through HTTPS connections to third-party services. This not only safeguards financial transactions but also instills confidence in your customers.

Unlock Peace of Mind in Cloud Marketplaces with Marketizer

Corent Technology’s Marketizer takes a comprehensive and proactive approach to addressing the complexities of data privacy and security in cloud marketplaces. By implementing these robust security measures, Marketizer empowers ISVs to publish software applications to major cloud marketplaces with confidence while ensuring the highest level of protection for customer data.

If you’re ready to experience the security and efficiency of Marketizer firsthand, contact Corent Technology for a free trial.

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