Don’t Waste Your Cloud Cash! Stop Leaks with ComPaaS Reserved Instance(RI) Planner

Is your Cloud spend a bottomless pit? Dive deeper and you might unearth a surprising truth: Thousands in hidden treasure, just waiting to be unlocked from your underutilized Reserved Instances (RIs) scattered across your Cloud infrastructure. Underutilized RIs are real, costing you thousands. They lurk across regions, untapped potential trapped in scattered deployments — a telltale sign that you might be leaving thousands on the table. Are you wondering, “How do I know if my RIs are underutilized?

A huge percentage of Cloud spending evaporates in unused resources, RIs being prime culprits. Those hefty investments, supposed cost-savers, often morph into silent Cloud Cash leaks.

RIs: Friend or Foe? Untangle the Truth Before They Wreck Your Cloud Finances

  1. The Unsure Saver: Struggling to quantify potential RI savings and identify optimal RI sizes due to lack of visibility and actionable insights.
  2. The Underutilized Hoard: RIs remain unassigned or underutilized across regions, leading to wasted Cloud spend and missed cost-saving opportunities.
  3. A Wrong Turn: Mismatched instance types in RIs drain resources and cause inefficient spending, while incorrect regional deployments further exacerbate costs.

These scenarios aren’t mere tales of woe; they paint a familiar picture for many Cloud warriors.

Uncertainty, underutilization, and mismatch – a trifecta of Cloud cost leaks that silently sap your budget.

But what if you could unearth these hidden savings, optimize your RIs, and slash your Cloud bill to the bone?

Enter ComPaaS’s Reserved Instance Planner, your Cloud cost Robin Hood. This AI-powered hero dives deep into your accounts, unearthing those slumbering RIs. It analyzes individual VM usage, spotlights underutilized giants, and then, in a stroke of genius, recommends optimal migration strategies.

How does ComPaaS help?

  • Slash your Cloud Cash bill: Squeeze every drop of value from your existing RIs by optimizing their usage.
  • Boost efficiency: Strategically move VMs across regions to maximize RI coverage and eliminate resource waste.
  • Simplify management: Get actionable insights and clear migration roadmaps for streamlined RI management.

Stop the Cloud Cash leak! Don’t wait for another surprise invoice. Sign up for a free ComPaaS demo today and watch your savings soar.

Ready to unlock your hidden treasure?

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Edited By Shafi Syed. January 30, 2024

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