6 Ways to Streamline Your 2024 SaaS Strategy with SaaSOps™

With 2024 underway and SaaS at the forefront of the digital landscape, you may be wondering how you can refine your organization’s software strategies this year. Here are six transformative ways Corent’s SaaSOps™—our platform for automatic and effortless transformation or any software application into efficient SaaS, now in partnership with AWS—can streamline your efforts.

Get a complementary transformation of your software application or SaaS to SaaS 2.0 on AWS

1. Subscription Management

SaaS has become the dominant model for selling software due to the advantages of recurring revenue to software providers. SaaSOps enables flexible subscription management, with varied features and pricing tiers to align with diverse customer needs. Explore customized market offerings for your application by creating multiple subscriptions at different price points aimed at distinct target audiences. Create subscriptions with monthly or annual recurring fees, trial periods, one-time fees, and even usage-based fees, all with automated billing. SaaSOps provides all the capabilities to create flexible subscription offerings that can be published on your own website or on cloud marketplaces.

2. Commercial Services

With SaaSOps’s payment services integration, easily connect your software application with popular third-party payment services like Stripe or other PCI-compliant payment gateways of your choice, and rest assured, SaaSOps ensures a seamless transaction process for both you and your customers.

Expand your market reach by selling your application in cloud marketplaces, such as AWS Marketplace. SaaSOps has a sophisticated system for metered-usage billing, creating an affordable pay-only-for-what -you-use-option for your customers and opening avenues for fine-tuning market value with tiered pricing. Easily connect your application to cloud marketplaces without any code changes to your application and enable automatic API integration for new tenant on-boarding and other lifecycle actions, along with streamlined billing included in subscribers cloud invoices. With SaaSOps’s built-in payment services integration, SaaS Providers can easily connect with popular third-party payment service Stripe to handle all SaaS payments directly. Other PCI-compliant payment gateways can be integrated if needed.

3. Reporting

Get detailed reports and statistics about your SaaS environment and review historical activities with a set of reports that have filter and selection capabilities that enable you to extract the information you need. SaaSOps reporting tools to enhance your ability to keep tabs on system activity and provide mechanisms for export of filtered datasets to standard external transfer formats for review or import into other systems.

4. Executive Dashboard

To keep tabs on the overall state of SaaS operations, SaaSOps provides a user-friendly dashboard. Make informed decisions from a stakeholder’s perspective with real-time infographics that make SaaS operational statistics and trends visible. Easily track your subscriptions by type and by marketplace and visualize tenant growth and status. Monitor revenue breakdowns by subscription, cloud, geography, and application.

5. Multiple SaaS Environment Management

Setting up a SaaS environment on different clouds and regions can be a daunting task. With SaaSOps, easily assemble your runtime, commercials, and operations so you can seamlessly operate from multiple cloud locations. Benefit from rapid SaaS deployments and unique SaaS environments for various target customers who may have to abide by data sovereignty regulations or require slightly different versions of your application.

6. Continuous Optimization

One of the benefits of the SaaS model is that it enables more frequent updates and enhancements to the application, improvements that help SaaS application to stay competitive. SaaSOps has features that can help with application upgrades and is designed so that modern DevOps practices can be used to provide updates. SaaSOps provides continuous optimization and modernization capabilities that identify areas for infrastructure evolution that can streamline operations, reduce costs, and/or improve performance.

Usher in the New Era of SaaS with SaaSOps

For a complementary transformation of your software application or SaaS to an automated, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable SaaS 2.0 on AWS – or on AWS Marketplace – in days and without any code changes.

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