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How to speed up your datacenter assessment 10x?

Assessing your company’s datacenters for migration, with any standard scanning tool, can be rather laborious and time-consuming, as there are many complexities to evaluating and scanning each unique datacenter; which the average scan tool often fails to catch. As such, this can severely hamper the Cloud migration of your company’s assets, stretching out scan times, and delaying your company’s shift…

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5 Ways to Scan your Datacenter for Cloud Migration

Scanning datacenters is the most important step that a company can take when venturing to the realm of the Cloud. It determines the compatibility of your compute and storage assets with the Cloud infrastructure and helps you chart your path to success. Scanning data centers is the most important step that a company can take when venturing to the realm…

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18 Cloud migration journey lessons learned

Just about two decades ago, when I was the Business Manager to the then CIO of Microsoft, or later when I was the CIO of Avanade, we had many issues to worry about as IT professionals, however, Cloud was not one of them. Fast forward a couple of decades, and cloud, cloud migration, cloud optimization and cloud management may be…

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Evolution of the Cloud

Cloud Computing is one of the fastest emerging trends in the technological realm. Cloud Computing has permeated the market over the last few years and will continue to remain prominent. Cloud Computing has a significant potential impact on every aspect of IT and how users access applications. information and business services. The following are few highlights in the evolution timeline…

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