3 Benefits You Can Offer Your Customers With ComPaaS Right Now

The new year is upon us, and you may be considering the new ways you can create value for your customers. If your organization is a Managed Services Provider or has a significant cloud footprint, ComPaaS, the all-in-one cloud optimization tool, may be the solution you’re looking for to elevate your customer experience in 2023.

Here are 3 benefits of ComPaaS you can offer your customers right now.

Benefit #1: 30% or More in Cloud Cost Savings Each Month

Starting with the answer to one of many organizations’ top questions: “How can we cut costs in 2023?”
The answer is simple—ComPaaS!

With better cloud optimization, your clients’ cloud footprints will be reduced and they can avoid unnecessary cloud costs. On average, ComPaaS clients save 30% or more on cloud costs each month.

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Benefit #2: One-Click Advisories for Smarter Resource Management

ComPaaS automatically and continuously right-sizes and streamlines performance of the cloud, allowing for the smartest resource management possible for your clients’ cloud infrastructures. This not only alleviates the manual labor this task typically requires, but also contributes greatly to that significant monthly cloud costs savings you can pass along to your customers!

Benefit #3: Dashboard and Meaningful Metrics

When you have a suggestion for a customer regarding actions they should take to better make use of the cloud, it can be difficult without the data to back it up. ComPaaS provides high-level insights, all from one single dashboard, built on precise, robust 3D data visualization.

ComPaaS’s metrics reveal new business insights, such as your clients’ service usage on the cloud, and allow you to help them make data-driven decisions that’ll optimize their cloud usage and cut costs.

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